How to use this site

Archive / Search

To start a search enter a search word into the field at the top of the page and click the magnifying glass icon. This will give you a set of results which you can narrow down by using the various filters in the left side bar.
To reset your search, click the 'Archive' link in the main menu.

If you go to the 'Archive' page you will initially see a reverse chronological list of all content on the site. You can use the filters in the side bar to narrow down the list.

Live stream

When a live stream is being broadcast, you will see it on the 'Live stream' page. When there is no stream you will see information about when to come back.
You can always check the 'Meetings and agendas' page on the Auckland Council site for upcoming schedules.


All videos are hosted on Youtube. If you click “Youtube” at the bottom right corner of a video, you will be taken to an Auckland Council channel on Youtube. You will leave this site and will not have the options for searching that this site provides.

Reading the agenda while viewing the livestream

If you right-click a link to “Meetings and agendas” your browser may give you the option of opening the link as a new window. If so, you can then:

  • - open an agenda in a different window
  • - resize your browser windows so that you can place the window with the livestream side by side to the window displaying the meeting agenda

You then have the livestream and the agenda on your screen together.

Unable to view live stream

If you are unable to view a live stream, and you see a message about safety mode or restricted mode, you will need to go to the Youtube site and turn Youtube’s safety / restricted mode off. Do this by scrolling to the bottom of any Youtube page and turn the Safety / Restricted mode setting off. You may need to do this twice for it to stick. You may need to sign into Youtube before doing this. If you are using the Internet Explorer browser and cannot resolve this, you may have more success with Google’s Chrome browser. If you are still unable to view the live stream, the archive will be updated shortly after streaming stops (after the meeting) and you will be able to view the session that way. This is an aspect of the way Google administers Youtube. The reasons for this are explained here: